Fun for all ages!
Fun for all ages!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book Kornpop?

To book Kornpop call 903-571-3089 or email celebrationswithatwist@gmail.com

Even if you are not sure if you want to book Kornpop call and find out if the date is available.

You can also have all of your questions answered by Kornpop. He is very nice and easy to talk to.



When is a good time to start the show?

A good general rule of thumb is to have Kornpop begin about a half hour after the party is to begin. This prevents distractions from late arriving guests.


Can we book Kornpop to entertain our children in one room while all of the adults hang out in another room?

Due to liability issues, it is required that all of the children be supervised at all times by at least one responsible adult (besides Kornpop). This is to protect you, the children, and Kornpop.


Plus, it will be more fun for the adults to be in on the fun. There are plenty of photo ops during the show so you will enjoy watching the kids have fun.


What if one of the children is afraid of clowns?

Sometimes a funny clown in bright clothes can be intimidating for a little person.


Kornpop makes sure that he gives any children who are nervous plenty of space.


If you know the birthday child is afraid of clowns it might be better to wait a year before booking Kornpop.


Kornpop would rather make sure your birthday child has a special birthday than to try to force something on them before they are ready.


Most kids see how much fun the other kids are having and will “warm up” to Kornpop as the party goes on. It often happens that kids who start out a little shy end up being Kornpop’s biggest fans by the end of the party.

Kornpop the Klown

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