Fun for all ages!
Fun for all ages!



Kornpop is not the only personality who can come to your party or event! You can invite one of his many extended family to get the right fit for your occasion!

Mr. Twister

Mr. Twister

Be amazed as you watch Mr. Twister transform a little latex and a lot of hot air into fantastic creations. Mr. Twister has been performing with balloons for over 25 years, so this is not your everyday dog and sword maker. Watch as he uses magic and comedy to create works of art with balloons. This is an audience participation show, and you could be the lucky one to get called on stage to become “ The Great Bloondini”.  Fitted with your very own magicians costume and top hat, (all made from balloons), you will perform an amazing magic trick right before all your friends and family.

After a fast paced laughter filled show, there will be drawings for the balloon creations that Mr. Twister made on stage. You might get to take home a bicycle, an alien brain sucker, or how about a life size princess. Come prepared to laugh and be amazed as this “ Wizard of Awes” leaves you wondering “ How did he do that?”

L.T. (The Long Tall Texan)

The Long Tall Texan

The Long Tall Texan, or L.T. for short, stands at a whopping 10 feet tall! Because as they say, everthing is bigger and better in Texas! L.T. is perfect for your corporate event where you need to stand out from the competition. He is great for Meet and Greet type of venues where all of your guests will want their picture taken with the Tallest Texan around. L. T. is also great for parades and can do Amazing Balloons and Magic to Wow your Crowds. 

Larry Leederhosen

Larry is perfect for German, Polka, and October Fests and is a lot of fun for pictures, dancing and just plain fun. Standing in at 9 ft. tall, everyone loves getting their picture taken with him. When the music starts, Larry can dance a jig with the best of them. His favorite dance is the Chicken Dance and he will have you giggling with delight as he leads the dance floor with his antics.

Ms. Bea Haven

Ms. Bea Haven

Ms. Bea visited the Haven County Fair in 1963 to find her a man. While she was there she entered and won the Ms. Haven County beauty pagent. Since then she has been known as Ms. Bea Haven 1963. Ms. Bea has her own set of BEA ATTITUDES and would love to share them with your ladies group. She also is great for Adult Banquets or Senior Citizens with her Witty Stand up Humor. If you need to embarrass someone you love for their important birthday, Ms. Bea would be the one to call.

And Many Others...

Kornpop the Klown

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