Fun for all ages!
Fun for all ages!

Kornpop Birthday Parties

A Kornpop Birthday Party is one your kids will remember for life. I am now performing birthday parties for children of parents that I did their birthday party. In other words, I am on my 2nd and 3rd generation of birthday parties. I really think clowning around all these years has kept me as young as I am. This means that in the hundreds of parties I have done, I think I've seen just about everything that can go wrong....... or more importantly what can go right at a party, so let me help you plan yours.

A Typical Kornpop Birthday Party goes like this: Kornpop arrives about 30 minutes after the start of the party,( to let your guests all arrive). After greeting all the guests and getting a picture with the birthday child, Kornpop sets up and performs a 30 minute comedy magic show where the Birthday Child is the Star of the Show! After the Family Friendly Fun Magic Show,(that the kids and adults will love), Kornpop will gather all the guests to sing Happy Birthday to the Star. Then get ready to be amazed by Kornpop's Award Winning Balloon Art! All of the kids,(and if time permits) a few of the adults will be blown away with the balloons. Then when it's time for the birthday child to open their gifts, Kornpop packs up and slips out the door leaving Big Smiles and even Bigger Memories.


Pricing as follows:

                                               Zone 1     $300.00

                                               Zone 2     $350.00

                                               Zone 3     $400.00

                                               Zone 4     $500.00

Kornpop the Klown

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