Fun for all ages!
Fun for all ages!

School Zone Pricing

It's EZ to book a Kornpop School Show. A full day is $850. (up to 4 shows), and a half day is $495. (1-2 shows). To find your total cost, check to see which zone you are in, then look at show minimums and add travel.

This pricing is only for School Shows, Library and Daycare pricing is available.


Zone 1     No Travel Fee

Zone 2     $100 Travel Fee (Save Travel by booking 2+ days)

Zone 3     $250 Travel Fee (Save Travel by booking 3+ days)

Zone 4     $350 Travel Fee (Save Travel by booking 3+ days)

Zone 5     $450 Travel Fee (Save Travel by booking 4+ days)


Evening Show Rate - Single Performance Do you need an evening performance for P.T.A. or Science Lab with Dad, or any number of occasions? The evening rate for one show is $250. Zone 1 can book an evening show by itself. Zones 2-5 can add an evening program with their full day purchase.


How To Save Money!!!


1. Split a full day with another school and only pay half the full day rate.


2. In Zones 2-5 get another school near you to book a full day and we will deduct the Travel Fees!

Kornpop the Klown

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